Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jin Dong Fu launches a short video to celebrate its 40th Anniversary

In the grand dinner held on Monday 28 June 2010, Jin Dong Fu invited MP for Marine Parade GRC (Mounbatten Constituency), Mr. Lim Biow Chuan to launch the release of this special Video on Jin Dong Fu's 40 years of history.

With the a burst of paper confetti, the three screens in the tentage came alive with the video which gave a every impressive introduction.

Mr. Lim Biow Chuan autographed a copy of the DVD pack and was immediately auctioned for S$1,500 which was for the Scholarship Fund.

Bu Yun (Luck Blessing) @ Jin Dong Fu

On Sunday, 27 Jun 2010, Jin Dong Fu has its Bu Yun session presided and conducted by the Second Brother of Jin Mian Da Ren. There was a long queue of devotees waiting to have their luck and fortune blessed by Jin Mian Da Ren. At the same time, their ill-luck were taken away.

Devotees came in extended families. Where members of the families were not able to make it, they brought along their clothing so that they were not missed out.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shan Cai Tong Zi came to send off Jade Emperor

On 26 Jun 2010, Shan Cai Tong Zi came to lead the devoteeship to send off Jade Emperor. Dressed in his best with new pants and a golden vest, he was greeted by his devotees.

Ever playful, he was enjoying the attention, at the same time leading the congregation in seeking permission to send off the Jade Emperor. There were lions and dragon to lead the contingent. Three Taoist Priests were also present to seek petitions to the Gods.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jin Dong Fu celebrates its 40th Anniversary

On 24th June, 2010 night, Jin Dong Fu 金洞府 started the celebrations with the traditional and customary setting up of the "temple space" in the tentage near to Blk.36 Cassia Crescent.

On this night, the Second Brother of the Sworn Brothers of Jin Mian Da Ren 金面大人 (Kim Bin Dai Lin) came. He led the temple members and devotees in inspecting the tentage and "setting" up the tentage (an tua 安坛) to ensure that the entire space is protected by the celestial armies.