Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jin Dong Fu's Packing of Goodies Bags on 01 Feb 10

These are the items that Jin Dong Fu's members and helpers are going to pack for 100 low-income families... which include Milo, 5kg Rice, biscults, canfoods, maggi mee, oil and etc.

The smiles on the volunteers' faces while packing the items ..... this is also what we always like to say "The Joy of care and share ".....

In the midst of packing, the volunteers are concentrating of the items that they are in-charge....

Our group photo after a few hours of smooth & fun during the packing ...... Thanks to all the volunteers that have participated in this charity event .... and "Huat ah" to everyone !!!!

For more pictures, please visit the Jin Dong Fu's facebook.

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