Friday, June 29, 2007

Wu Bao Bo Ye 吴包伯爷 comes to Jin Dong Fu

This evening, Wu Bao Bo Ye 吴包伯爷 arrived in Jin Dong Fu to lead in the fund raising for the coming Dinner to be held for the senior citizens on Sunday evening (1Jul07) at 7pm. Devotees and the Getai (variety show) audience enthusiastically responded the call to do their bit. As the singers of the Getai sang to entertain Bao Bo Ye, devotees and audience lined up to do their bit by contributing towards the charity course. In return, they got an angpow, a huat kueh and a blessing by Bao Bo Ye.

While the rest of the audience continued watching the Getai, with the crowd spilling into the spare tentage (for the grand dinner on Saturday) and almost to the five-foot-way, Wu Bao Bo Ye led the rest of his devotees back to the main tentage to Bu Yun (Por Un in Hokkien). They followed him around the tentage as well as crossing the bridge, cleansing themselves with "flower water" before crossing and then with the fumes from the joss-urns after crossing.

To some lucky fellas, Bao Bo Ye gave gold coins (Singapore S$1 coins) to them.

After another round of enjoying the Getai, Bao Bo Ye came back to the tentage to partake fried beehoon (rice vermicelli) specially prepared for him. Having taken that and blessed the food, the beehoon were shared with the devotees.

Bidding farewell to a happy crowd, he then took his leave.

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