Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jin Dong Fu prepares for Celebration for Jin Mian Da Ren

With only finishing touches, the tentage at Cassia Crescent, off Guillemard Rd, is almost ready to receive the Deities tomorrow. Now that it is taking place right in the heart of the Old Kallang Airport kampung, where Jin Dong Fu (Kim Tong Hu) started (at Jln Lima), it was like a homecoming.

People in the neighbourhood have begun to pop by to look and admire the large statues of the Deities, some are larger than life.

There are more additions this year and for the regular visitors to Jin Dong Fu's celebrations, it would be fun to spot the new additions, which should not be difficult. This twice-a-year celebrations is a great opportunity for all to get to know the Deities of the Heavens, Seas and the Underworld.

Tomorrow at 8pm, Kim Min Dai Lin (Jin Mian Da Ren) will come to "set" (an) the tentage for the celebration.

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