Sunday, June 3, 2007

Change of Celebration Venue

Celebrations of Jin Mian Da Ren's Birthday

Opening Ceremony will be held on the 27th June, Wednesday at 9pm. Jin Mian Da Ren 金面大人 will be present to start off the whole series of celebrations.

There will be "Blessing of Good Luck" ceremony by "Wu Bao Bo Ye" 吴包伯爷 on 28th June at 7pm. At 12am, there will be a "Welcome" Ceremony for "Yu Huang Shang Di" 玉皇上帝.

"Sending off Ceremony" of "Yu Huang Shang Di" 玉皇上帝 on 29th June at 1pm followed by "The Crossing of the Peace and Longevity Bridge" by "Zhong Tan Yuan Shuai" 中坛元帅 at 8pm.

"Luck Blessing Ceremony" by Jian Mian Da Ren 金面大人 on 1st July at 12pm.

"Sending off" Ceremony for deities by Jian Mian Da Ren金面大人 on 3rd July at 9pm.

Please refer to the map below to see the new venue of the celebration. If there are any queries, feel free to email us at

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