Friday, June 29, 2007

Zhong Tan Yuan Shuai 中坛元帅 comes visiting

Despite the light drizzle this evening, devotees of Jin Dong Fu gathered at the celebration tentage. It's the day of the celebration week that is probably the most exciting one for the kids. It's crossing the PingAn Bridge time.

In the early part of the evening, there was a ritual of Li Dou (pai tao). Immediately after that, the Taoist Priests started the necessary preparation for the crossing of the PingAn Bridge, by "setting" up the bridge and clearing the way.

While this was going on, Tiong Tua Guan Shuei (Zhong Tan Yuan Shuai) arrived in the midst of the drums and gongs. Tonight, the oldest of the drummers could be in late fifties or even sixties and the youngest, possibly 5? It's the 4th generation, I was told. The temple is assured of continuity for the kimkor twee (percussion group).

The Tiong Tua that arrived was a young one and so, the devotees just loved teasing him and he them. He also blessed the bridge before following the lead Taoist Priest in the crossing of the bridge, with the devotees, with each group according to the order of the animals depicting each of the 12 year cycle. It was not only fun time for the kids, but for the adults too. Each animal group was trying to outdo the other in yelling "huat ah" the loudest.

As each person came down from the bridge, he or she had to "pay" a bridge toll and then, were blessed by Tiong Tua with a dab of red link on the forehead and a stamp of the temple seal on the back of the t-shirt/blouse.

After the 12 animals had been called, there was a grand finale with everyone crossing one more time. And then, it was "makan" (eating) time with Tiong Tua giving each person a red egg. There was more than enough to share and so, many came back for more.

While the kids were happy munching the hardboiled red eggs, the adults were more interested in chatting with Tiong Tua. They urged him to demonstrate some of his gungfu skills, which he obliged.

Jin Dong Fu featured in

Jin Dong Fu's celebrations have made it to the website. With many visitors to Singapore viewing this site, Jin Dong Fu will help give them an interesting yet relatively unknown but colourful part of our local heritage.

Under the creative eyes and hands of Eugene, pictures of Jin Dong Fu and its activities on the opening night came alive!

Take a look .. a picture paints a thousand words

Wu Bao Bo Ye 吴包伯爷 comes to Jin Dong Fu

This evening, Wu Bao Bo Ye 吴包伯爷 arrived in Jin Dong Fu to lead in the fund raising for the coming Dinner to be held for the senior citizens on Sunday evening (1Jul07) at 7pm. Devotees and the Getai (variety show) audience enthusiastically responded the call to do their bit. As the singers of the Getai sang to entertain Bao Bo Ye, devotees and audience lined up to do their bit by contributing towards the charity course. In return, they got an angpow, a huat kueh and a blessing by Bao Bo Ye.

While the rest of the audience continued watching the Getai, with the crowd spilling into the spare tentage (for the grand dinner on Saturday) and almost to the five-foot-way, Wu Bao Bo Ye led the rest of his devotees back to the main tentage to Bu Yun (Por Un in Hokkien). They followed him around the tentage as well as crossing the bridge, cleansing themselves with "flower water" before crossing and then with the fumes from the joss-urns after crossing.

To some lucky fellas, Bao Bo Ye gave gold coins (Singapore S$1 coins) to them.

After another round of enjoying the Getai, Bao Bo Ye came back to the tentage to partake fried beehoon (rice vermicelli) specially prepared for him. Having taken that and blessed the food, the beehoon were shared with the devotees.

Bidding farewell to a happy crowd, he then took his leave.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jin Mian Da Ren 金面大人 "an" the Tentage

Tonight, Jin Mian Da Ren 金面大人 arrived to "an" (set up) the tentage, launching the week-long celebrations in honour of Jin Mian Da Ren. As is the tradition with Jin Dong Fu 金洞府, Jin Mian Da Ren will arrive on the first evening to "an" the tentage and consecrate the Statues for worship.

This celebration saw another few more new statues being consecrated, of which the biggest must be the 8-foot-tall bronze Monkey God. The others included the Black Face Monkey God, the Sea Dragon Gods, Sea Dragon Third Prince and one of the Tiger Gods.

When he arrived, Jin Mian Da Ren would perform the mortification of burning his body with joss-sticks.

Thereafter, he went throughout the tentage perimeter as well as to the sections containing the different Deities to consecrate them and to setup "camp" of the celestial armies.
Jin Mian Da Ren normally only arrives on the first day of the celebrations. As this celebration is in honour of him, he will come again.

Tomorrow night, Wu Bao Bo Ye 吴包伯爷 will arrive.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jin Dong Fu prepares for Celebration for Jin Mian Da Ren

With only finishing touches, the tentage at Cassia Crescent, off Guillemard Rd, is almost ready to receive the Deities tomorrow. Now that it is taking place right in the heart of the Old Kallang Airport kampung, where Jin Dong Fu (Kim Tong Hu) started (at Jln Lima), it was like a homecoming.

People in the neighbourhood have begun to pop by to look and admire the large statues of the Deities, some are larger than life.

There are more additions this year and for the regular visitors to Jin Dong Fu's celebrations, it would be fun to spot the new additions, which should not be difficult. This twice-a-year celebrations is a great opportunity for all to get to know the Deities of the Heavens, Seas and the Underworld.

Tomorrow at 8pm, Kim Min Dai Lin (Jin Mian Da Ren) will come to "set" (an) the tentage for the celebration.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Charity Night

On 1st July at 6.30pm, Our temple is very honour to invite Mr Lim Biow Chuan, Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC, to grace this event. This event is also supported by the Lions Club of Singapore Amber.

Dinner will be served for about 240 senior citizens, ang pow & goodies bag will also be given to the senior citizens by Mr Lim.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Change of Celebration Venue

Celebrations of Jin Mian Da Ren's Birthday

Opening Ceremony will be held on the 27th June, Wednesday at 9pm. Jin Mian Da Ren 金面大人 will be present to start off the whole series of celebrations.

There will be "Blessing of Good Luck" ceremony by "Wu Bao Bo Ye" 吴包伯爷 on 28th June at 7pm. At 12am, there will be a "Welcome" Ceremony for "Yu Huang Shang Di" 玉皇上帝.

"Sending off Ceremony" of "Yu Huang Shang Di" 玉皇上帝 on 29th June at 1pm followed by "The Crossing of the Peace and Longevity Bridge" by "Zhong Tan Yuan Shuai" 中坛元帅 at 8pm.

"Luck Blessing Ceremony" by Jian Mian Da Ren 金面大人 on 1st July at 12pm.

"Sending off" Ceremony for deities by Jian Mian Da Ren金面大人 on 3rd July at 9pm.

Please refer to the map below to see the new venue of the celebration. If there are any queries, feel free to email us at