Thursday, March 8, 2007

Kim Min Dai Lin arrives to "an" the Tentage

This evening, at about 9pm, Kim Min Dai Lin (Jin Mian Da Ren) arrived in the tangki (medium) to "an" (consecrate) the tentage, transforming it into a temple, marked out the perimeters of the temple with the celestial solders of the East, South, West, North and Centre (read from the Chinese aspect).

Many of the temple devotees were present to welcome the Deity and to seek advice. Kim Min Dai Lin also consecrated the new statues with the sponsors present. One could see the beaming and proud faces of the donors of the big statues .. Dragon Kings, Geok Ong Sam Tai Tsu (Yu Huang San Tai Zi), Nai He Tong Zi, Jian Li Yen and Shun Feng Er (Assistants to Mazu).

A devotee also made a normal size golden sword for Kim Min Dai Lin.

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