Saturday, March 10, 2007

Grand Dinner

Tonight is the traditional Grand Dinner night where devotees and friends gathered to enjoy a sumptious 8-course dinner and help raise funds for the temple as well as for charity. There must have been a hundred tables of diners tonight. One of the charity events tonight was the presentation of S$1000 as aid to the recent earthquake victims in Indonesia.

As they enjoyed the dinner, which included loh-hei too, the temple auctioneers took turn to offer items, many of which were also sponsored by devotees, to the diners. Auspicious figures started spewing out from all corners of the dining tentage .. $138, $188, $328 ... and the figures kept climbing. Some higher than others.

The highlight of the auction must be the golden pig which, the auctioneer invited the Guest of Honour to write his name on the pig.

The Guest of Honour was also given a tour of the temple tentage, being introduced to the Deities of the Temple.

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