Friday, March 9, 2007

Er Ye Bo and Bao Beh Ya visit

This evening, at about 8pm, Er Ye Bo (Li Ya Pek) arrived to give blessings to the devotees of the temple. After making his round of the tentage, paying respects to the respective Deities, he left. And in his place, Hu Bao Beh Ya arrived.

As is the tradition of Jin Dong Fu, this year, Bao Beh Ya conducted the blessings and cleansing of the devotees. Devotees followed him through the tentage to the GeTai stage, where he offered blessings to the public who would contribute towards a charity fund. In return, they also got two oranges and a packet of rice in a very delightful packaging.

Back at the tentage, Bao Beh Ya, always smiling, led the devotees around the tentage and crossing the bridge. They even crossed over two stoves of burning charcoal, as part of the cleansing. As another part of the blessing, Bao Beh Ya used his brush to write the character "Hu" on each devotee's right palm. And then, the devotees were to take the palm to press it against his/her forehead. And then, they got a drink a cup of holy water. Those who participated in the crossing of the bridge also got a t-shirt back.

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