Monday, March 5, 2007

Preparation for the Big Day

The members of the Jin Dong Fu (Kim Tong Hu) are busy setting up the elaborate props in the huge tentage at Carpark F at Kallang (next to the former Kallang Theatre). Jin Dong Fu is well known for its elaborate props and set up at its festive tentage and the size of the statues of the Deities. You have to go to see to believe.

The main deity of the temple is Jin Mian Da Ren 金面大人and his three brothers. No one has seen the faces of Jin Mian Da Ren and his brothers (not even in their dreams) and so, until this day, they are only represented by a tablet.

The other deity that is actively involved in Jiu Shi (Kiu Sei 救世) is Shan Cai Tong Zi 善才童子. This celebration is in honour of Shan Cai Tong Zi, on 1M22, that is 11 Mar 07.

Jin Mian Da Ren is expected to arrive on the night (about 9pm) of 7 Mar 07 (Wed) to "an" (setup) the altars in the tentage.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

37th Anniversary Commemoration

Jin Dong Fu celebrates in honour of Sian Chye Ya (Shan Cai Tong Zi)

The programme of this event is as follows:

March 7th- An Tua (8.30pm)
March 8th- Er Ye Bo & Hu Bao Bei Ye(8pm)
March 9th- Gala Dinner
March 10th- Gai Yun(12pm) , Invite Jade Emperor(12midnight)
March 11th- Send Jade Emperor(2pm)
March 13th- Song Zong Shen(10pm)

Watch out for more details here